Savannah, Georgia

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Gentry Johns

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Savannah, Georgia

487 Bourne Avenue
Garden City, Georgia 31408

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487 Bourne Avenue, Garden City, Georgia 31408​
  • C&C depot is located less than 1/4 mile from the main gate of the GPA.
  • Facility is 19 Acres in size, surrounded with a six (6) foot chain link fence with three (3) strands of barbed wire across the top.
  • The main gate, with Master Lock, allows employees and company drivers access to the front section of the yard only.  The inner gate, also with Master Lock, allows management into the back of the yard where the shop and equipment are located.
  • Two (2) street lights are located at the main gate and the yard is equipped with four (4) security cameras monitored from the office trailer.
  • Depot Hours  7AM  5PM (through lunch hours).  If late hours are required, it will be accommodated at no additional cost.